4 Ways to Drive Traffic to your Website

The internet is old news by now. Just about everyone on the web nowadays has a website. As a business owner, you want your website to stand out from your competition. So how do you stand out on the internet in a cost effect, yet timely and resourceful way? We have a few tips on getting a leg over your competitors and get you ahead of the game.

Read on to hear about 4 ways to drive traffic to your website.


Reviews are a great way to create awareness. Get your business linked up with review platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, Better Business Bureau and others. By getting your business on these sites, customers can leave reviews and share their experiences. Over time your business gets a rating, will gather several reviews, and your website gets a bump up in the search engine queries. Most review platforms are free to use and in your business’s best interest.

Social Media

Social media should be the first thing you turn to after getting your business up and running. It’s a great way to let your friends know, and see, what you have been up to! Social media offers some great tools to build your audience, create a voice around your brand and drive visitors to your website. These platforms provide enormous value to your website through the content you create. Branded content on your social media gets your followers and people looking for your product or service to visit your site and see more about what you offer.

Website Optimization

Having your website optimized is key to getting the traffic flowing. Website optimization is too broad and complex a topic for this post alone, but here are a few tips we can give you to get you started. Make sure your website has quality content. By quality content, we mean descriptive words, phrases, and tags on all images and copy throughout. You may also want to consider load time. A load time that takes longer than 2-5 seconds will leave a user feeling frustrated, and they will leave your site before it even finishes loading. Lastly, device compatibility. Does your site function on mobile, notebook and desktop screens?

Paid Ads

Using paid ads is a highly effective way to get your business in front of your target market. Google AdWords is a great tool for those just starting out with paid advertising. Also, Facebook! Facebook has straight forward, easy to learn tutorials and they are incredibly affordable. You can get a big bang for your buck with just $20/week. One final thought to leave you with; you have already started your business, now the fun part begins! Find fun, creative and popular ways to build your company. Try not to let the marketing overwhelm you. Just know that if you need help, Insight Web Marketing can assist you in growing your business online. We specialize in web development, online marketing, social media and local SEO.