Social Media Branding

You might not think so, but branding your business online should be top of mind as a business owner. Your brand is the basis for all things marketing. Once you are ready to start attracting customers, your branding is what will convey your message. There are several tools available to get you started on branding your message, and social media should be at the top of your list. If you are a business owner who thinks your type of business should not be on social media, think again! Better yet, see what your competition is doing. It’s the 21st Century; this is how people look for, discover, and make, purchasing decisions in today’s marketplace.

To find out more about branding your business on social media and why it’s important for your business, read on.

Choose your Networks

It is important for you to get on the appropriate networks. Ones that reflect your brand well and support your overall image. Important factors to consider are; where do the people hanging out at that you want to connect with? What are their interests, likes, and professions? For example, if you own a candy store, you would most likely build profiles on Facebook and Instagram. You wouldn’t necessarily go to LinkedIn as that platform is limited in how it would convey your message. You want to showcase your candy and your shop through pictures, listing your business hours, posting reviews, and the like!

Start Connecting

Connect with people once you have registered your business on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Find communities where they hang out and invite them to connect. After you have made the connection, engage with them. Encourage them to engage with your brand. To do this, you want to post valuable and relatable content that directly communicates your brand.

Provide Valuable and Relatable Content

Think of your social media platforms as another way of driving traffic to your website. Get them clicking so they learn more about you and your business. Make sure every piece of content you share supports your brand’s image. Don’t be afraid to use visual content. Let’s go back to our candy store example here; share bright colored images of your candy or store decor. The point is, sharing images that are fun and look different usually get higher engagement.

Stay Current and be Consistent

Regular and consistent posting on your social media gives your brand an overall cohesive look and feel. As a result, you stay connected and engaged with your audience. It also keeps your SEO strong. What is especially noteworthy is, it keeps your business looking good because you are providing valuable and meaningful content related to your brand. Post regularly to keep your audience interested and engaged, then keep at it.